We all encounter difficulties in life. It’s how we handle them that defines to which degree we suffer.

Counselling helps people improve their sense of well-being, alleviate their distress, resolve their crises, increase their ability to solve problems, see things from a different perspective – and empowers them to make their own decisions. 

With what sort of problems can I help you?


Anxiety and depression
Social and  general anxiety, stress management, situational, clinical and postpartum depression, grief and bereavement; physical illness coping.

Assertiveness / Self-worth issues
For a deeper feeling of self-worth that is not contingent on accomplishments but rests on your feeling of being worthy simply because you exist.

Relational difficulties
Marriage counselling, separation, divorce, partner communication and parenting skills. Interaction in the working environment.

Stress and burn-out
Prevention and treatment of stress and burn-out

Work performance
Work-life balance, boundaries issues, boss and peer communication, anger management, time-management, procrastination, and motivation.

Adjustment to life changes, loss or grief

 Existential crisis
Midlife crises and existential search for meaning of your life


But also if you want to live life to the fullest


increase your self-awareness / personal development


Increase your creativity


Take up your own space


Improve your life quality


Be authentically yourself in every situation


Explore, develop and use all your qualities


More effective communication techniques


Find (back) happiness and passion in life


If you are a resident of the Netherlands, your consultations will be refunded by health insurance services. For more information click  here


I was trained as a psychologist and as a psychosynthesis therapist.
With my vast background chances are high that I will be able to help you.

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  • Flexible times (also in the evening)
  • Short waiting-list
  • Dutch insurance refund
  • Registered psychologist and therapist


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Copyright ©  -  Silvia Pannone  | 2012 - 2022