The person

I grew up in Italy where I still am quite frequently.

At the beginning of 1998 I moved to Holland in order to follow a training which deeply inspired me.

From one course came the next training, and the next. My various studies brought me to several countries – which has been a very enriching experience for me, but at times also confusing. Where could I feel at home? At times I thought everywhere, other times I thought nowhere.

Not only physically, but also metaphorically I was looking for my place in the world, in the bigger order of things.  I was on a quest for greater depth in life and meaning. Psychotherapy has given me a lot, so much that I knew I had found my own calling.
I was lucky that in times of need or confusion I usually “just” found the right life teachers on my path.
So now, my wish and motivation is to be able to give back to others what I have so generously been bestowed with.

In my work I can see every day how the insights which I received in my life can be precious for others as well.

In 2012 I opened my psychology practice and have been working since then with enormous pleasure.

Perhaps you also find me “by coincidence” on your path.     Can I be of any help?
If you think that a little support might be welcome in this moment, then get in touch.
I offer a free 20 minutes enquire call in which you can tell me about your presenting issues and any questions you might have  concerning therapy.


If we take man as he is,
we make him worse;

but if we take him
as he ought to be,
we make him become
what he can be.

V. Frankl

My motivation to wok with people is to assist them to live out their full potential and make their own choices in order to lead a rich and meaningful life.



I am a psychologist and a  psychosynthesis-therapist.

I am a psychologist and psychosynthesis therapist trained both in England and in the Netherlands, with over 20 years of study and practice.

In the Netherlands I studied for my bachelor in psychology. My main research and final dissertation was about the importance of self-esteem for our sense of well-being being moderated by mindfulness.


 In the UK I studied c/o the University of Bath Spa University and received my Master’s Degree in religious studies with distinction.

My research project was about a theme that is close to my heart, and also a guideline for my own life: “The Hero’s Journey: The Search for Identity and Meaning from a Psychological, Mythological and Astrological Perspective”. Its focus lay on the search for our own inner true nature, that – when found – allows us to shape our life path and find meaning in life. The core of my research and the resulting conclusions have been published by the Academic Journal  “Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture,” Volume I, Number 2 June 2007 – Equinox Publishing.

My inspiration brought me back to the Netherlands where I followed a 5 year training to become a psychosynthesis therapist (Instituut Psychosynthese Studies Nederland).

For my own inspiration and wellbeing I have been attending for about 20 years silent meditation retreats in various European countries.

In accordance to the requirements for psychotherapists,
I continue to follow the required trainings to keep my knowledge up to date with the most recent training methods.

I was trained as a psychologist and as a psychosynthesis therapist.
With my vast background chances are high that I will be able to help you.

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  • Short waiting-list
  • Dutch insurance refund
  • Registered psychologist and therapist


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